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Featuring original music from Lead singer-songwriter Bryan David, Abishi includes globally renowned musicians who have experienced multiple songs on the Billboard Top 40 charts and releases reaching double platinum sales while touring the world. Abishi songs provide a plethora of emotions with powerful lyrics and meaningful melodies… while maintaining Fun along the entire journey.

Songs like the motivational and powerful “You Can Do It” and the fun catchy “What Can You Do” and the deeply meaningful “Choose Love.”

(Hear song clips below.)

Abishi Songs Are Also Used in TV & Film

Songs and Clips can be booked for purposes such as sports, walk-up songs, ringtones, sports rallies, video games, fashion shows, events, TV shows, commercials, branding, promotional videos, electronic dance events, and film projects.

Here is a taste of early clips from the studio for the Abishi release “Life in 4D”

Clip 1


Clip 2


Clip 3


Clip 4


Clip 5


Clip 6


Clip 7


Clip 8


Clip 9


Clip 10


Clip 11


Clip 12


Clip 13 acousticcr


Clip 14 e-acousticcr


Clip 15


Clip 16 acapellacr closing


Abishi songs and clips can be made available for utilization of song publishing and licensing rights… CONTACT to receive full song versions and pricing negotiations.