House of Forbidden Secrets

House of Forbidden Secrets

Executive Producer: Bryan David

Director: Todd Sheets

Starring: Lew Temple, Antwoine Steele, Bryan David, Dyanne Thorne, Allan Kayser (These actors collectively have appeared in: Academy Award (TM) winning film Rango, TV series The Walking Dead, Waitress with Keri Russell, Rob Zombie’s Halloween and The Devil’s Rejects, Disney’s blockbuster The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp, Zombie Bloodbath, Ilsa- Tigress of Siberia, Night of the Creeps, TV series Mama’s Family, etc)

Studio/Distribution: BD Productions, Extreme Entertainment, Wild Eye Releasing

“House Of Forbidden Secrets” is a reverse exorcism story where a new generation standoff is waged between good and evil… with unexpected forces colliding in location and time on the eve of Halloween. The Deadly Sins may be challenged and wills may be tested, but what happens in Shadowview Manor will astound and haunt you as the forbidden plot twists around every turn.

Some Characters include: a Manor, a Madame, a Priest torn, a Night Security Guard challenged, a Psychic baffled, a fun-loving Rocker tested, a Journalist pushed, a Goth Gal pulled, a Camera Man stretched, a Widow spooked… this is the night when all hell collides… for them… and for You.

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